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Down UnderLast Day in New Zealand

On 24 March 2004 from Auckland, New Zealand , trackback

On Tuesday morning I did some souvenir shopping in Taupo (2 shirts and some postcards), before getting on the bus to Auckland. It seemed the bus passed through the Shire, since the scenery mainly consisted of green rolling hills, and Hobbiton was actually built somewhere in that area. I spent the rest of the day shopping, and sorting out my photos (another 3 hours in an internet cafe).

Today I took the ferry to Rangitoto, a volcanic island only 30 minutes from the city centre of Auckland. I hiked to the summit of the volcano to get some nice views of the Auckland harbour, checked out a cave and hiked to the neighbouring island of Motutapu, altogether some 5 hours. Afterwards I got a haircut, did my laundry and cleaned out my bag, so Australian customs will not give me a hard time when I enter the country tomorrow.



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