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Down UnderJob Hunting

On 17 December 2003 from Sydney, NSW , trackback

Since I have a fixed flight from Sydney to Auckland (New Zealand) on 10 February, my plan is to stay around the Sydney area for the next 7 weeks. Sydney is supposed to be the best place to find work, except for this time of the year, since it is the summer holiday period. So office work is pretty hard to find, although I ran into a vacancy for the Christmas and New Year period today. I did some tests: typing (only 54 words/minute) and Microsoft Office (average more than 90/100 points). According to the guy at the agency I stand a pretty good chance. We’ll see.

In any case, there seems to be more work in the hospitality area and since I worked for more than 3 years at a bar in my home town, I have some experience in that area. However, I need to get an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate to be able to work in hospitality venues in NSW. So that will fill my day on Friday.

I also moved to a cheaper hostel, but I should really find some shared house or something for the next seven weeks. When all these plans fail, I can just enjoy the summer here and travel around. At least the weather here is a lot better than back in Europe, so far it has been sunny and over 25 degrees every day. Just perfect.

Maybe it is because of the weather, but Sydney is a really nice city. First of all, there is a lot of activity, so no chance to get bored. Other than that, there are plenty of opportunities to avoid the streets. From my hostel I can walk pretty much all the way to the Opera House through a series of connected parks. Yesterday I spent hours relaxing in the Botanical Gardens, mainly because I was not feeling too well (I am blaming the airplane food), but also because it is such a relaxed place.



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