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Down UnderInto the Territory

On 13 August 2004 from Darwin, Northern Territory , trackback

Tuesday morning we crossed the border between Western Australia and Northern Territory, which was a bit of a weird feeling, since I spent almost 4,5 months in Western Australia. Also, it required us to set our watches 1,5 hours forward. So now I am on GMT +9,5 (these half hour time differences are really weird), or 7,5 hours later than mainland Western Europe. After crossing the border we went almost straight to Katherine, where we found a nice campsite for the night. It was also the place where we encountered traffic lights again, and I almost forgot they existed, since we did not see any for more than 5000km.

On Wednesday we drove into Litchfield National Park, where we checked out huge termite mounds, and some nice waterfalls: Florence Falls, Tolmer Falls, and Wangi Falls. Sally, Claire and I went swimming at the first and last of these, before finding a campsite near Wangi Falls.

Thursday we drove to Darwin, with a short stop at Berry Springs. After settling at the caravan park I took the bus into town (could not be bothered driving for 1,05 euro), and checked out the city center. In the evening I went to the Mindil Beach Market, a large open-air market with lots of food stands (had some great Asian food), souvenir stands, and street artists. Later on I met Sally, Claire and Charlie (met him before in Fitzroy Crossing), and we took the bus back together.

Today I settled the score with Sally and Claire and visited Jo’s sister Adina, on the outskirts of Darwin, where I have been able to type up the last three posts. I also made a new sign looking for travel mates, made an appointment to get my car serviced, and confirmed my return flight (arriving on Schiphol at 06.30 on Sunday 14 November 2004, flight CX271; I hope you can pick me up from the airport, mum & dad).



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