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On 13 July 2004 from Exmouth, WA , trackback

Saturday morning we (Marina, Jenny and I) went to see a lot of parrots in Rainbow Jungle, before heading back into Kalbarri National Park to see the Loop (again for me) and the Z-Bend (more gorges). Afterwards I drove straight to Denham, where we checked in late at the hostel and still managed to get a complete little unit to ourselves. Subsequently we had our own little kitchen and Marina made some nice dinner.

Sunday morning we drove to Monkey Mia early in the morning. In Monkey Mia dolpins come straight up to the beach, and they stayed there for about half an hour, until the ranger gave them some fish and they swam away. We also left after the feeding, because it was a long way to Coral Bay, with just a stop for food and fuel in Carnarvon. Unfortunately it was a Sunday, otherwise I would have stopped at a windscreen repair place as well, since a little pebble hit the windscreen between Denham and Overlander roadhouse, and it created a bit of a crack. I just hope that is fixable.

On Monday I went on a 4-hour cruise on the Ningaloo reef, spotting lots of humpback whales, dolphins, turtles, and snorkelling at the reef. The latter was rather cold, because the sun hid behind clouds, but the reef was still spectacular and I was just surrounded by fish. It was also the first day I was travelling alone again, because travelling with Marina and Jenny just did not work out, our interests were too different. I mean, I like to sleep in, but that just does not go together very well with sightseeing in the winter here, when the sun sets around 17.30, making days really short.

The plan is to start looking for a few people to travel up north with in Exmouth. Aside from it being more fun to travel with someone, it is also safer, and it will save me quite some money on fuel, since my car turned out to be not very fuel-efficient. At least I think it is not very fuel-efficient, but from discussions with other backpackers with cars I learned it is not doing very bad, especially considering the fact it is a 4WD. I am currently getting about 300-350 km out of a 45 litre tank (I have 2 of those). That translates to about 1 on 7, or 14l/100km. With metropolitan fuel prices of 0,53 euro/litre that is not bad, but in the outback prices rise to 0,83 euro/litre, so it is definitely better for my finances if I can share fuel costs with someone.

I spent Tuesday relaxing on the beach in Coral Bay and socialising at the hostel, before going snorkelling on the reef for a bit in the afternoon, when the temperature had risen enough not to get hypothermia. Late afternoon I drove to Exmouth, and met up with some fellow backpackers that I met before in Kalbarri and Coral Bay (I just keep meeting the same people travelling up the coast).



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