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Down UnderGoing North

On 13 March 2004 from Christchurch, New Zealand , trackback

Today was another day of sitting in a bus and enjoying the scenery. I went from Te Anau to Christchurch via Queenstown, instead of via Dunedin, mainly because the scenery is a lot better. Especially Lake Pukaki with Mt Cook in the distance was just amazing to see on my way South. So I had my camera ready today only to discover that the light is a lot better in the morning, because the sun reflects on the snow of Mt Cook and the lake gets its turqoise colour. So unfortunately I could not get the photo I wanted (like this one).

Tomorrow I have an early bus on to Picton, from where I will start the Queen Charlotte Track. That is 71 km in 3 days: a lot of hiking. Luckily I will only have to carry a daypack, since they do luggage transfers here, and accommodation is in hostels. I am taking a ferry from Picton to Wellington on the 18th, so I can spend some more time on the North Island before flying back to Melbourne on the 25th (and on to Perth on the 27th).



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