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Down UnderFlashpacker

On 30 June 2004 from Perth, WA , trackback

Flashpacker, that is the term I have been dubbed by Lisan, a Dutch girl in my home away from home: 12.01 East. After this week I have stayed more than 4 weeks in total at this one hostel/backpackers. For good reasons though: the owners are very social, and you get to know everyone who is staying there, since most people stay for at least a few weeks. Also, getting a triple room for A$90 (= 56 euro) a week cannot be beaten.

But I was dubbed a flashpacker because I temporarily had a laptop and really fancy office in East Perth to do some things. But even though I was spending most of my day on ticking things into a laptop, I still had time to enjoy Perth’s nightlife. I went out on Wednesday (free beer all night), Friday (spent too much on beer that night), Saturday (just briefly, the Big Apple wasn’t my scene) and Monday (not a good idea, since I had to get up early on Tuesday).

Besides doing things during the day, and going out at night, I also made a visit to the emergency dentist here. Tuesday morning one of my teeth broke, so I got it fixed straight away, but it costs A$275 (= 165 euro). Expensive little joke, and the dentist wasn’t even sure if it was going to last, since the filling apparently touched the nerve. So far it seems okay though, and doesn’t hurt (even after all the anaesthetics worked out). Let’s just hope it stays that way.

I am starting to feel pretty anxious to start travelling again though. I have been in and around Perth for 3 months now, so it is time to move on. Also, the weather has gotten pretty bad, rainy and around 20 degrees during the day. On the other hand, The West Australian newspaper tells me that the weather back home is even worse. Hard to imagine it is summer back home and winter here, while the weather here is even slightly better. In any case, time to travel up north, where daily temperatures are still over 30 degrees.



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