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Down UnderDrinking & Driving

On 30 September 2004 from Hervey Bay, QLD , trackback

Monday evening we had dinner with everyone from the Whitsunday Islands boat, and we went on a bit of a pub crawl in Airlie Beach afterwards. Especially the teapots with shots were very tasteful.

Needless to say, we (Rachel and I) did not leave Airlie Beach very early the next day, but still had to drive around 500km to Rockhampton. On the way we had lunch in Sarina (some tiny town along the highway). In Rockhampton we checked into a very nice hostel (Oxford Hotel Backpackers), and relaxed there for the evening.

We left Rockhampton on Wednesday morning, and drove almost straight to Bundaberg. There we did a tour of the famous Bundaberg Rum distillery, and got to taste a little bit afterwards (not even one standard drink, since I still had to drive, and drink driving is bad). I did buy some rum for later use though. From Bundaberg we drove on to Hervey Bay to spend the night there. Pretty much everyone I met during my travels did not recommend to stay in Bundaberg itself, and it would make the drive to Rainbow Beach today a bit shorter as well.



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