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Down UnderDown to the Centre

On 26 August 2004 from Alice Springs, NT , trackback

I spent all Tuesday kayaking and hiking in Katherine Gorge, while David explored and relaxed in Katherine (he had been to the gorge before). In the morning I rented a kayak for 4 hours and paddled up to the end of the first gorge, where I had to carry the kayak over rocks to the second gorge (pretty hard work). I turned around about halfway through the second gorge, but this time I went through the rapids to get back to the first gorge, a lot easier. After returning the kayak, I went for a quick swim in the river, and decided to hike a bit in the afternoon. So I went to Pat’s Lookout that gave a good view over the gorge, but kayaking is definitely better. Back in Katherine we happened to stay next to a guy who was the expert on my type of car in the Northern Territory (he just rebuilt an engine himself), and he fixed my oil leak, so we were all good to go to Alice Springs (1200km South).

Wednesday we set off for Alice and made a stop at Mataranka on the way, to look at the thermal pool and flying foxes (bats) who are inhabiting the rainforest in huge numbers (very smelly indeed). We camped overnight at Banka Banka, a very good value campsite, with an interesting presentation on outback station life in the evening.

On Thursday we spent quite some time hiking around and making photos of the Devil’s Marbles. I also cought up with a Swiss couple I had met before in Broome and Turkey Creek (of all places). We got to Alice Springs in the evening and quickly put up some signs looking for people to travel further with (David wanted to go straight to Sydney from Alice).



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