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On 15 October 2004 from Sydney, NSW , trackback

Monday afternoon I put up my car-for-sale flyers all around the city centre and Kings Cross. On my way over there I met Christina (German, we met before in Rainbow Beach and Brisbane), and in the evening we went to an Irish pub with live music till late. The 1 1/4 hour walk back to the hostel was not fun, but at least I sobered up.

Tuesday I spent all day cleaning out the car and sorting out all the stuff in it (what to bring home and what to sell with it). In the evening I met up with Christina at the Opera House and we went for dinner in Chinatown.

Wednesday was a really hot day with a maximum temperature of 38 degrees; way to hot to do anything at all. In the hostel I found the book “Dead Famous” by Ben Elton, and I just could not stop reading it (FYI, it is about a murder being committed in a “Big Brother” house). I finished the 380-page book on Thursday afternoon.

Thursday evening Christina and I went to the musical “The Lion King”, that has been playing in Sydney for more than a year, and still manages to pretty much fill the theatre. I really enjoyed the performance, although I have to say that the songs by Elton John in the original Disney movie sounded better.



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