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Down UnderCrossing Malaysia again

On 2 December 2003 from Penang, Malaysia , trackback

I just noticed I have not posted a single entry here in 6 days. Oh well, I guess this will happen more often in the future. My plan is to visit an internetcafé at least once a week. This is already little for me, considering I used to check my e-mail every hour on average (usually every minute, seldom not for 24 hours). And when you think that updating at least once a week is not much, consider this: I have not updated my personal handwritten diary since I arrived in Malaysia. Basically I have been travelling from Penang in North-Malaysia to Johor Bahru (JB) in South-Malaysia, and back. The trip takes about 10 hours by bus, and only costs 11 euro; did I already mention Malaysia is cheap?

Last Thursday I first went from Penang to KL, where I visited the Petronas Towers (closed because of holiday) and went up KL Tower for a great view over the city. In the evening another bus brought me from KL to JB. On Friday I planned to visit the Singapore Zoo, but when I arrived rain poured down from the sky. I waited around a bit, but the rain did not stop and I decided that visiting a zoo where all the animals were sheltering for the rain would not be a good idea. So I went to the famous Raffles Hotel, where managed to sneak inside the residents-only area to get a better look at the place. Afterwards I walked down Orchard Road before going back to JB. Saturday was a lazy day, I sorted all the photos so far (about 100) and managed to upload the best ones. In the evening I joined Bet, her housemates and some other AIESECers on a Korean dinner, where we had to BBQ our own food.

On Sunday afternoon Bet and I went to Melaka, were we did some sightseeing on Monday. Melaka was conquered by the Dutch in the 17th century (Holland’s Golden Century) and the Stadthuys is a reminder of this period. It is now a museum with interesting displays on the history of Melaka. After this museum we had some really good satay (in Dutch: saté). We got a few big trays of satay-sticks, and we prepared the ones we liked in boiling satay-sauce. It tasted delicious. Also, we had our laundry done at the hostel (for 2,50 euro altogether), so all my clothes are clean again. On Monday evening we went by bus to KL, where we stayed at Kamlesh’s (the Indian boyfriend of Bet’s Korean housemate) place.

Today (Tuesday) Bet had a job interview in KL, and afterwards we went shopping for a backpack for her (they have all the brand name clothes and accessories here, real as well as fake). We managed to find one and got on the bus to Penang. One more thing about the busses here: they are quite luxurious and comfortable, since most busses only have three seats in one row, and they have enough leg space for tall Dutchmen. On arrival in Penang we bought tickets for Ko Pha Ngan, a nice island in Thailand. So tomorrow morning at 5 AM I am leaving Malaysia for Thailand. That is actually 5 hours from now, since all times on this website are GMT +1 (as in mainland Western Europe), and Malaysia is GMT +8. So goodnight for now, and I will get back to you from Thailand 😉



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