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Down UnderCape Tribulation

On 17 September 2004 from Cairns, QLD , trackback

Wednesday morning I picked up Sarah from her accommodation, since she was coming with Dom and I for a 2-night trip to Cape Tribulation. After shopping (always seems to take ages), we left the city northbound. The first stop was Mossman Gorge, a not-so-impressive gorge, where we made a short hike. I must say that after almost 10 months of travelling it becomes hard to get impressed by natural features that I have already seen before somewhere else. Especially with gorges, it is almost impossible to surpass the ones in Karijini NP and the Kimberley. Anyway, after we took the ferry over the Daintree River the road became much more winding and hilly, with maximum speeds of 40km/h to 60km/h. Therefore we needed pretty much all the time to get to the Cape Tribulation campsite. But after we set up the tent there we took our time to make some nice BBQ dinner in typical Aussi fashion.

Cape Tribulation is special because it is a place ‘where the rainforest meets the reef’, so all the beaches have rainforest on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other side (the Great Barrier Reef is quite a bit off the coast). Since it was not really warm enough to lay on the beach (and it is boring anyway), we spent all Thursday making short walks through the rainforest on our way back from Cape Tribulation. We ended up right above the Daintree River at Cape Kimberley, where we camped.

This morning we drove to Daintree Village, but left it almost straight away, since there seemed to be absolutely nothing interesting there. From there on we drove straight back to Cairns, because I had to go to the post office for my license plates. As it turned out, the Australian Post office in Alice Springs messed up big time by misspelling my last name, so my license plates were still in Alice Springs. Luckily they were able to send them straight on to Brisbane, where I can pick them up (hopefully).



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