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Down UnderBrisbane in a Day

On 7 October 2004 from Byron Bay, New South Wales , trackback

After some internet time on Wednesday morning, I went up the Bell Tower in Brisbane City Hall and checked out some expositions in City Hall. I also caught up with Judith (German, we met before in Perth, the other side of the continent). In the afternoon I checked out the Queensland Museum for over an hour, an walked down the South Bank. There is an artificial beach there which looks really weird. From th South Bank I took the ferry to the Botanical Gardens and walked over the QUT campus (Queensland University of Technology, I almost got a t-shirt because of the Dutch pronounciation) to Parliament House. I briefly watched a session about fishing quotas, but got bored and went back to Queen Street Mall. By that time my underwater photos were developed and they actually turned out better than expected. After dinner in the city I went back to the hostel tired, but fulfilled, because I saw all the interesting things in Brisbane in one day.

Today I drove to Byron Bay in New South Wales (170 km) on my own. I did put up some notices in Brisbane, but could not find anyone to share the journey with, until after I left. When I was more than halfway this girl called me, and I am supposed to see her in Byron Bay tonight, so I would not have to drive the 800 km to Sydney on my own. This seems to happen every time, as soon as I have left, some nice girl(s) call me for a ride. Damn, damn, damn.



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