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Down UnderBlue Mountains Revisited

On 27 October 2004 from Sydney, NSW , trackback

Because my flight out of Sydney was not leaving on Tuesday like I initially planned, I decided to spend a few days in the Blue Mountains. In retrospect, I could have spend a few days in Canberra, instead of doing a one day tour that was too rushed. But going back just would not be worth the trouble anymore. Besides, it was almost a year ago since I last visited the Blue Mountains, and it still is one of the areas of Australia I enjoyed most, mainly because of the hiking tracks there. During the last few weeks in Sydney I have been going back to quite a few places where I went in my first week in Australia, and I already have some sort of nostalgic feeling about some places, very weird.

I took the train from Sydney to Katoomba on Tuesday afternoon, and after checking in at the hostel there, I went for a hike along the cliff. I managed to find a track that I had not done on my previous visit, and was able to make some nice photos of the valley and the Three Sisters.

On Wednesday I took the train to Wentworth Falls, and made a hike together with Caroline (German), Marleen (Dutch) and Simone (Italian guy). We took the Charles Darwin track to the valley, and some steep steps down into the valley. But at the bottom we had to wait for an hour before we could continue, since they were rebuilding the track; the hiker’s version of roadworks. The rest of the hike was without problems, although we were slightly worried about the weather, but the sky was clear again when we got out of the valley. I took the train back to Sydney in the late afternoon.



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