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Down UnderBack in Australia

On 25 March 2004 from Melbourne, VIC, Australia , trackback

Yesterday I spent my last morning in New Zealand on getting rid of my remaining Kiwi dollars. I managed to find a neat LED keyring light to replace my lost Maglite solitaire, before getting to the airport. Security there was pretty annoying; at the second checkpoint the x-ray scanners kept beeping and I had to get my belt and shoes off before I was able to pass through. Quite embarrasing really. The flight itself was pretty good, and because they played the feelgood movie ‘Love Actually’ it was over before I knew it. Qantas almost managed to get me drunk on the Bundaberg rum with coke (somehow they kept giving me doubles). As expected, Australian customs were not much of a problem, although they did want to see my ticket at the forbidden goods check, as if they were afraid I would not return home. In the evening my hostel (‘The Friendly Backpacker’) organised a pub crawl, a pretty good start of my return in Oz.



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