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Down UnderAustralia Zoo

On 5 October 2004 from Brisbane, QLD , trackback

Monday evening I had a few drinks with Theresa (Austrian) and Sebastian (German) at the hostel in Noosa. I did manage to wake up early on Tuesday though. That was necessary, because I had planned a busy day at the zoo. Australia Zoo is basically the last zoo I want to see in Australia, and mainly because it is Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin’s zoo and has a good reputation. Rachel and I got to Australia Zoo before 10 AM, right in time for the otter feeding. After that I got the chance to feed an elephant (i.e. hundreds of people in line with a piece of fruit to give to an elephant, they do eat lots). Then it was time for the shows in the ‘Crocoseum’: birds flying around the stadium, a snake show, staff playing and swimming with tigers (cool!), and the famous Croc Show (crocs rule!). We had a bit to eat after all the shows and then visited all the other animals in the zoo. The kangaroos here were really tame and lazy, just like the koalas. The crocs were as dangerous as usual though. We finally saw some cassowaries as well (remember, we were searching for ’em in the forests around Mission Beach), but they were smaller than expected. The animals I liked most would have been the tortoises though, especially Harriet, which is 173 years old (wow!).

At around 3 PM we drove on to Brisbane, getting into the city before evening rush hour. I made it an early night, because I want to see all of Brisbane today. So I got up early this morning and first picked up two brand new licence plates for my car, after driving 10.000 km with just the rear plate.



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