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Down UnderArrived in Asia

On 21 November 2003 from Singapore, Singapore , trackback

The journey to Malaysia went pretty perfect. Because the Dutch railways were on time (who expects that nowadays?) I arrived at the airport 2,5 hours before my flight, and had to wait for 2 hours at the gate. Luckily Cathay Pacific has been a really great airline so far: no delays and I was very well taken care of during the flight (example: instead of asking “could you move your bag under the seat?” they said: “can I move your bag under the seat?” It’s the details that count…). I also had about 1,5m of legspace because my seat was at the emergency exit (and no one needed to use it). So with a stopover in Hong Kong, 14,5 hours of flying time and no sleep (I can’t sleep during the day), I arrived in Singapore, where it was really easy to find my way to Johor Bahru in Malaysia. In this city – just across the bridge from Singapore – I’m staying with Bet.

Today I did some electronics shopping in Singapore (512MB CompactFlash memory card for my digital camera and USB 2.0 reader for it). This place is really technofreaks heaven. I shopped at a 6-storey building with only electronics stores 🙂 Other than that, I just walked through the Muslim and Indian areas. I’m still a bit tired from the fact that I made a 32-hour day yesterday. But one more good night of sleep and I should be over my jetlag.



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