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On 21 May 2004 from Mandurah, WA , trackback

I admit, I have been terribly lazy updating my website. I will try to make up for it later on. The weird thing is, the more access I have to computers and the internet, the less frequently I update my website or reply e-mails (note to self: should ask my sister what the psychological bla bla is for that).

Anyway, I have been busy the last month with shopping for electronics, installing computers, filming & video-editing, webdesign, surveying roads, and I am currently setting up an e-commerce website. Pretty good stuff to do as a backpacker, especially the road surveying: I have to navigate and press space-bar, and for that I got to see every sealed road around Mt Barker and Albany, including driving on the Albany airport runway. I guess I will spend another month setting up websites and doing road asset management around Port Hedland, 16 hours north. Life is not bad around here, especially not when I’m laying in the spa looking at the stars before going to sleep 🙂

Also, I bought myself some wheels yesterday. A silvery Holden Jackaroo ’84, 4WD (!), 4 cyl. 2.0l rebuilt motor (bought it off a car repair shop, car itself has done about 300.000 km), power steering, air-co (not expecting too much of that), radio/cassette, and 6 months registration (WA rego is easy to renew anyway). I have to add a bull-bar myself, but I can get it off another car. Bull-bars (called roo-bar around here) are fairly essential in the bush, since kangaroos actually make an effort to jump right in front of your car to get killed, or worse, break your headlights. All of this for 1450 euro is not a bad deal I think. Since I don’t have a clue about cars myself, the neighbour (a typical aussie who lived all over WA) went along and checked it things out for me as well (otherwise I would probably buy a car based on the colour). This 4WD was mainly a trade-off between economy (it should be pretty fuel-efficient, a good thing with rising fuel prices due to the unstable security situation in Iraq and the upcoming driving season in the USA) and accessibility (a 4WD is necessary to drive through the Kimberley, upstate WA) on one hand, and speed (highway cruising speed would be about 90 km/h) on the other hand.



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