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Down UnderA Word about Costs

On 18 December 2003 from Sydney, NSW , trackback

Some of you visiting this site might wonder how much my wanderlust is costing me. Somehow most backpackers’ sites carefully avoid this issue. But I decided to go by Adam Curry‘s (for those of you who do not know him: it is not important) adagium: “There are no Secrets, Only information you don’t yet have”.

I just started my trip, so there is not that much information to share, but here is what I have paid so far:
1638 euro for the flight (Amsterdam-Singapore, Bangkok-Sydney, Sydney-Auckland, Auckland-Melbourne, Melbourne-Hong Kong, Hong Kong-Amsterdam);
450 euro for travel insurance;
103 euro for my Working Holiday Visa.
So including guidebook it is about 2250 euro just to get here, be insured and be able to work.

However, during 3,5 weeks of travelling in South-East Asia I only spent 330 euro. That is excluding 155 euro of electronics I bought. Unfortunately Australia is quite a bit more expensive than South-East Asia. I am trying to spend a maximum of 50 euro a day here. So far that is working, but I have not left Sydney yet. I am working on that though.



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