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Down UnderA Mountain & Ghostly Criminals

On 4 January 2004 from Hobart, TAS , trackback

Mt Wellington offers magnificent views looking out over Hobart and I took up the plan to hike to the top of this mountain. So on Friday Sharon, Jennie and I went by bus to the mountain and hitch-hiked to the top, since this is one of these mountains where you can drive all the way to the top, and hiking down is more fun than hiking up. From the top it took us about 5 hours to hike down, mainly because we missed the crossing to the organ pipes, and we got lost in the woods, causing us to hike down a small stream. In the evening we made pancakes at my hostel (I really missed those) and went out to the Irish pub.

On Saturday morning I met up with Sharon and Jennie to go to Salamanka market, a weekly market with lots of local things, touristy stuff, food and a great atmosphere. And it was listed as one of the highlights of Tasmania, so not to be missed anyway. After a currywurst lunch I got picked up by Christina for the tour to Port Arthur. There were only 7 others in the tour, so it was quite personal. In the afternoon we visited some sites on the Tasman peninsula, like pavement that was not manmade, a blowhole and a few natural arches. We also did some short hikes along the beach and along the rocky coastline. In the early evening we got to the Port Arthur Historic Site, where very few tourists were left. Considering that this is Tasmania’s main tourist attraction, that was pretty good. The entire site was really pretty and peaceful, especially in the light of a setting sun. That made it quite hard to imagine that this used to be the most brutal prison in Australia, where the worst criminals were sent. After checking out the site for a few hours, we had some dinner and went on the Ghost Tour. It was pretty dark by now and the guide was telling all these scary stories about ghost sightings at Port Arthur. It was interesting to hear and cool to walk around the site at night, but unfortunately (be careful what you wish for) we did not see any ghosts. Back in Hobart I met Sharon, Jennie and Jack at the Irish pub, which is starting to become a habit.



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