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Down Under4 Months on the Road

On 19 March 2004 from Wellington, New Zealand , trackback

Today I realised it has been exactly 4 months since I saw my home country for the last time. Not that that is unique in itself, I have been away for a longer time when I was studying in Canada. It is, however, unique in the sense that I have been travelling for 4 months, and only working for 8 days during that period. Budget travel indeed. I must say though, I kinda feel like it would be good to settle down for some time now, which is exactly what I plan to do when I get back to Australia.

Yesterday evening I still felt slightly bad about leaving the South Island of NZ, since I really enjoyed it and even 30 days was not enough to explore the place. I definitely recommend everyone thinking of going to NZ to spend at least 2/3 of the time on the South Island. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking: mountains, hills, lakes, fiords, sounds, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and just a few people ruining the view. But maybe I miss it as well because I was staying at some very relaxed hostels, especially the last 4 days. I mean, for the 12,50 euro I was paying at The Villa there was a cozy atmosphere and a spa, whereas here in Wellington it is a fairly impersonal big former hotel for the same price. Oh well, tomorrow I will staying in Turangi, close to Tongariro National Park.

Today was a bit of a downhill day. I did a tour of Parliament, and got up to the Botanical Gardens with the cable car. From there I walked down to the city centre, and caught a bus to the top of Mount Victoria. Once again I walked downhill to the city centre, where I checked out another museum. I feel more tired of walking through the city all day than I did walking on one of the tracks all day. The last downhill thing that happened was that I found out that Peter Jackson (the director of Lord of the Rings, and a New Zealand hero) showed the 11 Oscars in Wellington on Thursday. Apparently the celebration took place when I was on the ferry. Too bad.



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