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Down Under10 Months on the Road

On 19 September 2004 from Cairns, QLD , trackback

Today exactly 10 months ago I left the Netherlands on a jet plane, not knowing when I would be back again. It turns out it will be pretty much a full year of travelling, considering the fact that I have less than 2 months left during which I need to travel down the east coast to Sydney, and I need some time to sell my car at the end.

Aside from 3,5 weeks in South-East Asia and 6,5 weeks in New Zealand, I have now spent 7,5 months in Australia, driving almost 14.000km. By now I have seen a fairly decent part of the country:
– Sydney & Blue Mountains;
– Tasmania;
– Melbourne, Great Ocean Road & Grampians;
– Almost all of Western Australia;
– Almost all of the Northern Territory;
– Outback Queensland, Cairns & environs.

I will skip the state of South Australia entirely, there is just not enough time (and money left) to see everything.

The last couple of days I spent relaxing in Cairns, and I put up notices looking for people to travel with. I have been spending the evenings at the Woolshed, a very popular backpacker bar that also serves meals for A$4-6 (=2,30 to 3,50 euro). It is almost impossible to cook by myself for that price. Additionally, it has a real east coast Australia party atmosphere. In Cairns I have definitely entered the realm of the sun-sea-beach-party backpackers, whom I have been avoiding up to now. I will probably keep doing that, although a bit of party every few days is not a bad thing to end my trip with.



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