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CanadaJanuary: -25 to 0 °C

On 1 February 2001 from Winnipeg, Canada , trackback

On January 5th (Friday) we were invited by Janine to a basketballgame in the University of Winnipeg, downtown. Afterwards we picked up Marina en Reds and checked out a few bars. Wise Guys’ cover was too high, so we decided to go to Scandals, also on Pembina highway. We had our second ID policy experience here, they couldn’t read our driver’s licenses, they only accepted them in English, not even French, although that’s an official language in Canada. How annoying can you be? So we went to Monty’s again, at least they didn’t give us a hard time.

On Saturday January 6th we met all the other exchange students who arrived in January, mainly Chinese students. We got some information in the morning and a bus tour in the afternoon. In the evening there was a big social in Rez and we went there with this group of students from Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, England etc. (For intimi: Canadian socials beat LAW parties in the Hollywood…)

I spent the 7th of January working and unpacking all my stuff. I’ve decided to stay in Speechly, on a floor with only Canadian students, who are pretty cool. At first I wanted to move to the international floor in Tache, but it’s too quiet over there and they don’t have this lounge with TV on every floor, like in Speechly.

After a few days of just studying, there was a bowling evening organized by AIMS (Association of International Management Students) on Wednesday the 10th of January. It was a really nice opportunity to meet a lot of other international students and Canadians who go or have been abroad. The bowling was kinda weird though, with small balls and only 5 pins. Afterwards we went to Wise Guys on campus to party, one of the best parties so far, mainly because we knew almost everybody and there were a lot of people (from Germany, Canada etc.) for some sort of international marketing competition. We went to Wise Guys on Thursday on Friday as well, it’s kinda becoming our second room now.

Saturday the 13th of January I went to the bar “Gallery” downtown, together with two Spanish girls, one Brazilian girl and two French guys. At the club we met up with some Germans and surprisingly there were even a few familiar Canadians we met at the AIMS bowling on Wednesday. A lot of fun, we almost missed our bus back to campus.
Sunday has become the day to rest, study, work and watch TV in the evening, before getting back to university on Monday.

Damn, after 3 weeks I’m already completely in a routine here. You know, the same things you get for lunch and dinner, the same times you eat and usually the same people too. Home far away from home, in a way. I think I can make any place my home, as long as there’s internet, friends and some other basic stuff.

I decided not to go out 4 times a week like in the first two weeks, but nevertheless got wasted on 2 days this week. On Thursday Ingo (a German) had a roomwarming party and most of the exchange students were there. On Friday it was time for Speechly Destination Unknown, one of the best parties so far. We went with 3 buses to Carmal, about 45 minutes South of the university. There we invaded a local bar, got drunk and had a lot of fun. Canadian partying rules. Anyway, one of the Canadians told me that they started this a few years ago, not telling the bar they were coming with more than 100 people and trying to drink all their liquor, what actually worked at some places. Good old times…

In the 4th week of January all the groups got finally formed. I’m taking 5 courses, each of which has a group component and I’ve got completely different groups in each course. That’s gonna be fun.
Anyway, I’ve been to Wise Guys another 3 times this week, on Thursday because there was a goodbye party for some girl I didn’t know, on Friday because more people from my floor were going and on Saturday because it was Rez Night.



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