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VariousMy Travel Notebook

On 15 June 2008 from Rotterdam, Netherlands | comments closed

I recently purchased myself an ultra-mobile PC from the company that created the genre. The Asus Eee PC 900 it is. I intend to use it mainly on my travels, when I do not want to carry the sizeable and heavy -albeit solid- company-issued Lenovo. The Eee PC is perfect to carry, and the small size of its keyboard can also be considered an advantage: because it is harder to type, I will actually do less of it, and spend more time watching the world go by.

In this post I would like to elaborate a bit on the software that I installed to use on the road. After all, that is one of the primary reasons to take my own notebook: the frustration of the quality and inability to install software on internet café computers. And the fact that I would spend most of the time in internet cafés simply typing or sorting out photos, activities I prefer to do from a hammock or soft sofa 😉