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Website Update 2007

On 14 April 2007 from Amsterdam, Netherlands | comments closed

Almost a year has passed since the last major website update, and now the time has come to compare the script version numbers. Actually I think I have upgraded the technical side of my website more often in the past year than the content side. Not a good thing, but then again there has not happened a lot in the last year outside of the work arena. At least the website still contains all my online photos, from France in 1997 via Australia in 2004 to Ukraine in 2006. The same goes for my travel stories: from Canada in 2001 via Australia in 2004 to Ukraine in 2006, it is all there. And new technologies make it easier than ever to publish new stories and upload new photos. Time is the real bottleneck now. But it is certain that website is never really finished, there can always be more content, as well as technical and visual improvements.

So here we go now, the current state of technology [updated 18 May 2007 & 22 June 2007]: