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Down UnderGoing Down Under

On 19 September 2003 from Eindhoven, The Netherlands | comments closed

As soon as I made the decision to go on a longer trip after graduation, it became the question where to go. I have already been to most European countries, and to Canada and the U.S.A. Africa is not my cup of tea. Asia and South-America are perfect continents for low-budget travel, but have very limited possibilities to work. I have saved some money with student jobs during my studies, but not enough to travel for a whole year, which is my goal. That leaves Australia, since Antarctica is just not an option for a (long) trip, although I would love to see it. Australia is perfect for my purposes: large and varied enough to travel around for a year, and it is relatively easy to work to replenish my funds. For Dutch citizens it is possible to obtain a Working Holiday Visa for Australia, which allows holders to stay in Australia for one year and to work for a maximum of three months at one employer. Perfect for a year of travelling and working.

Another great thing about Australia is the fact that New Zealand is relatively close by (only 1500 km of ocean in between). And since I heard that New Zealand is the Norway of the Southern Hemisphere, I have been wanting to go there. The “Lord of the Rings” movies have only increased that desire. Because of its distance from Europe, most airlines require a stopover in Asia, which would be great for a few weeks of travelling as well. My plan is getting more and more concrete.

Down UnderReasons for a long trip

On 18 September 2003 from Eindhoven, The Netherlands | comments closed

Now that I have graduated everybody seems to ask me if I am already applying for a job. And they seem surprised when I tell them I am not. For me it is the perfect time to make a long trip. At the moment I don’t have any ties to the Netherlands, except family and friends. I am not studying anymore, not working yet, do not have housing (goodbye student room) or a relationship. I do not think I will be more free of obligations and responsibilities at any other time in my life.

As soon as I start working I also need a place to live, need to decorate it, need lots of household goods and appliances, and all these things make it harder and harder to go abroad to travel, especially for more than a few months. Aside from that, now I am still used to living low-budget (being a student for more than 6 years makes one creative) and I think that might also change in the future due to a higher standard of living. So now is the time.

Down UnderPost Graduation Syndrome

On 17 September 2003 from Eindhoven, The Netherlands | comments closed

This PGS (Post Graduation Syndrome) feeling is strange. Not having to work on my Master’s Thesis anymore, not having to get up early in the morning, not having to bike to work, not having a report to write or a presentation to prepare. Just a short to-do list with low priority things on it. I like it. But I am also getting a bit uneasy with all this nothingness. I need to do something. But not applying for a job and working full-time, not yet. I have to explore the world first.

Down UnderGraduated!

On 16 September 2003 from Eindhoven, The Netherlands | comments closed

After roughly 6 years of studying and experiencing student life, I succesfully presented and defended my Master’s Thesis today. From now on I can call myself a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management Science. Yeah!