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NorwayOslo: Arrival in Norway

On 2 April 2002 from Trondheim, Norway | comments closed

On Saturday morning 30 March my dad brought me to Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport), from where I flew to Oslo, with a stopover in Copenhagen. In Oslo I checked in at the youth hostel and explored a bit of the city. There is a peninsula with a lot of summer houses (Bygdøy), and it gives a great view over the islands in the Oslo fjord. After dinner I walked in the harbour, before going back to the hostel.

On Sunday I visited a museum about the polarship Fram, the first ship that sailed around the North Pole. Then I went to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, and watched the view from the top. It is really high, and quite spectacular to see. Afterwards I went to the Vigeland Park, with about 200 statues showing people with all kinds of different emotions, a great place to stroll around. I went back to the hostel after walking around Akershus Fortress, and watched “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” in the hostel.

Monday morning I went to the Oslo train station by tram, and boarded a train to Trondheim. It took almost 7 hours to get there, and the trip was really great. The scenery was amazing: only mountains, covered with snow and forests. In Trondheim the pension where I planned to go was closed, so I went to the hostel instead, walked a bit around town, and watched “Star Wars: Episode I” in the hostel.