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CanadaDeparture from Canada

On 4 May 2001 from Portland, Oregon, USA | comments closed

On sunday April 29 I rented car and drove into BC with Wayne, one of the guys that went on the Seagull Expedition to Vancouver Island as well. We both had only a few days in BC left and wanted to see more than the city, so we decided to rent a car and drive to Kamloops and Penticton.
We took the Trans Canada to Kamloops, which leads completely through the Fraser Canyon. Picture-postcard views! We stopped at Hell’s Gate, where an airtram leads down to the narrowest point in the Fraser Canyon, where there are some shops to exploit this fact. In Kamloops we stayed in the old courthouse hostel, where we had dinner in the old courtroom.

On monday April 30 we drove from Kamloops to Penticton along the Okanagan Lake. But we made a visit to the wildlife park outside Kamloops first. We made a few short stops in Vernon and Kelowna as well.

On tuesday May 1 we drove back to Vancouver via Manning Provincial Park. Another really beautiful drive, but we got all the weather conditions: sun, rain, light snow, along with some deer on the road, that we almost hit. In Vancouver we drove to Lynn Canyon first, a Provincial Park with a nice suspension bridge over the Lynn River. The tour through mainland BC ended when we got back to the hostel via the Lion’s Gate Bridge, where the traffic went really disciplined from 4 lanes to 1 lane.

After I had dropped off the rental car at the Budget office, I waited for Caitlin (the girl I went to the hot springs with in Tofino) in downtown Vancouver. We went for a really great Japanese dinner, a walk along the beach at English Bay, and some Starbucks coffee. Definitely the best way to spend my last evening in Canada.

In the morning of tuesday May 2 I took the shuttle bus to the Greyhound bus terminal, from where my bus to Portland was going to leave. The bus ride was pretty smooth, but customs was highly annoying, we had to carry all our luggage through customs ourselves, and since I was pretty overpacked that was not really convenient. But it was no problem for me to get into the USA (I guess because I look so reliable and thrustworthy).

After a nice bus ride (I was talking all the time with a Dutch and English girl) I arrived in Portland in the evening, where Thomas picked me up from the bus station. He was a perfect Portland guide and host until friday May 4, when I had to leave to Los Angeles. But that is another story.

This is where my Canada story ends. I would like to thank you for reading all of this, although I doubt if anybody actually read all of it. 🙂